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Parents sue school teachers who ignored son who died in the playground

Mar 18 (OPTA) – NBA schedules for this weekend Friday, March 18 schedules (EST/GMT) Dallas Mavericks at Philadelphia 76ers (1900/2300) Memphis Grizzlies at Atlanta Hawks (1930/2330) Portland Trail Blazers at Brooklyn Nets (1930/2330) Denver Nuggets at Cleveland Cavaliers (1930/2330) Washington Wizards at New York Knicks (1930/2330) Los Angeles Lakers at Toronto Raptors (1930/2330) Indiana Pacers at Houston Rockets (2000/0000) Oklahoma City Thunder at Miami Heat (2000/0000) New Orleans Pelicans at San Antonio Spurs (2030/0030) Los Angeles Clippers at Utah Jazz (2100/0100) Boston Celtics at Sacramento Kings (2200/0200) Chicago Bulls at Phoenix Suns (2200/0200) Saturday, March 19 schedules (EST/GMT) Milwaukee Bucks at Minnesota Timberwolves (1700/2100) Dallas Mavericks at Charlotte Hornets (1900/2300) Detroit Pistons at Cleveland Cavaliers (2000/0000) Los Angeles Lakers at Washington Wizards (2000/0000) Sunday, March 20 schedules (EST/GMT) Memphis Grizzlies at Houston Rockets (1530/1930) Portland Trail Blazers at Indiana Pacers (1530/1930) New Orleans Pelicans at Atlanta Hawks (1800/2200) Phoenix Suns at Sacramento Kings (1800/2200) Oklahoma City Thunder at Orlando Magic (1800/2200) Utah Jazz at New York Knicks (1930/2330) Boston Celtics at Denver Nuggets (2000/0000) San Antonio Spurs at Golden State Warriors (2030/0030) Toronto Raptors at Philadelphia 76ers (2030/0030) Monday, March 21 schedules (EST/GMT) New Orleans Pelicans at Charlotte Hornets (1900/2300) Los Angeles Lakers at Cleveland Cavaliers (1900/2300) Portland Trail Blazers at Detroit Pistons (1900/2300) Miami Heat at Philadelphia 76ers (1900/2300) Utah Jazz at Brooklyn Nets (1930/2330) Toronto Raptors at Chicago Bulls (2000/0000) Washington Wizards at Houston Rockets (2000/0000) Boston Celtics at Oklahoma City Thunder (2000/0000) Minnesota Timberwolves at Dallas Mavericks (2030/0030) Tuesday, March 22 schedules (EST/GMT) Golden State Warriors at Orlando Magic (1900/2300) Atlanta Hawks at New York Knicks (1930/2330) Chicago Bulls at Milwaukee Bucks (2000/0000) Los Angeles Clippers at Denver Nuggets (2200/0200)

Among the five dead in Indiana are Brett Kincaid, 53, and Wendy Kincaid, 47, from Rossville, Indiana, whose bodies were found at the McCormick’s Creek State Park campground, where they had been camping, according to the

Protection from overexposure to sunlight. Florida and sunny days go hand and hand, hence the nickname Sunshine State.
While it is enjoyable to go basking in the sunshine, UV damage can result from too much exposure. Screen enclosures help filter the sunshine, so your skin can absorb less harmful ray

Those ‘nocturnal strong tornadoes,’ the storm center said, could be deadly than their counter parts in the daytime, due to citizens being less likely to receive weather alerts and learn of developing conditions while they are asleep. 

The suit for more than $15,000 in damages holds the town of West Hartford and West Hartford Board of Education liable for the school staff’s inaction, suggesting that more timely intervention might have saved the boy’s life, however it is unclear if this is the case.

The National Storm Prediction Center warned of severe weather on Sunday in parts of north and northeast Texas around Dallas and Fort Worth, including very large hail, significant wind gusts and a “strong tornado or two.” Dallas Fort Worth International Airport was under a ground-stop order for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon, and flights were delayed as heavy rain, hail and strong winds hit the area.

‘A conditional tornado threat will also persist overnight with any sustained supercells,’ the storm center added, before detailing the threat of the potentially more deadly night storms, that could strike Arkansas and Missouri as citizens sleep.

homeschooling cartoon design education flat home homeschool homeschooling illustration lesson mother teacherJon Green, a Supervisor for Johnson County in Iowa – parts of which were slammed by the near-identical weather system just days ago – added: ‘The danger of a rain-shrouded tornado in the dark is significantly higher than it is during the daytime hours, when everybody’s out and about, paying attention.’

‘Strong, potentially long track tornadoes are possible, in addition to large hail and damaging winds,’ Storm Prediction Center forecasters warned Tuesday morning, issuing Level 4 of 5 threat levels in the aforementioned states.

‘We’ve had emergency crews digging people out of their basements because the house is collapsed on top of them, but luckily they had that safe space to go to,’ Sheriff Bill Rutan said at a news conference.

In a statement on Sunday, Biden said: ‘We are working closely with the state of Indiana and other impacted states as they assess damages, and stand ready to respond to any additional requests for Federal assistance.’

‘Any nocturnal supercells will be capable of all severe hazards, and the concern remains regarding the potential for nocturnal strong tornadoes from near the Arkansas-Louisiana-Texas region into parts of southern Missouri.

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