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Crop Watch: Corn, soy conditions mixed after spotty rain -Braun

In the warts-and-all account, Natalie recounts how she started her maternity leave in March 2020, thinking she could finally rest, only to find out she would have to homeschool her three school-age children when schools closed because of lockdown. 

‘As if the stress of giving birth in the middle of a global pandemic wasn’t bad enough, I had to traipse around three different supermarkets to get my hands on just one pack of sanitary towels, which wasn’t even going to last the first day.’

Iowa State followed up its tournament-opening win over No. 6 seed LSU with essentially a road assignment Sunday, facing Wisconsin in Milwaukee. Yet, the Cyclones emerged with another impressive triumph, what is a homeschooling pod in Florida beating the third-seeded Badgers 54-49.

It’s pretty likely the Fighting Illini will have to perform at a higher level than “survive and advance” if they’re to oust fifth-seeded Houston in the early game on Sunday in Pittsburgh and move into the Sweet Sixteen next week.

Indiana Pacers 24 47 .338 20 1/2 5. Detroit Pistons 19 51 .271 25 Southeast Division W L PCT GB 1. Miami Heat 47 24 .662 — 2. Atlanta Hawks 35 35 .500 11 1/2 2. Charlotte Hornets 35 35 .500 11 1/2 4. Washington Wizards 29 40 .420 17 5. Orlando Magic 18 53 .254 29 Western Conference Pacific Division W L PCT GB 1.
Phoenix Suns 57 14 .803 — 2. Golden State Warriors 47 23 .671 9 1/2 3. Los Angeles Clippers 36 37 .493 22 4. Los Angeles Lakers 30 40 .429 26 1/2 5. Sacramento Kings 25 47 .347 32 1/2 Southwest Division W L PCT GB 1. Memphis Grizzlies 48 23 .676 — 2. Dallas Mavericks 43 27 .614 4 1/2 3.

NAPERVILLE, Illinois, June 26 (Reuters) – After some scattered rain across the U.S.
Corn Belt over the weekend, about half of the Crop Watch producers are satisfied with recent rainfall totals. For the rest, rain showers were too light and anxiety over dryness remains.

‘And there’s only so many times you can hear the word ‘muuum’ (or a variation of it) until you either want to scream too or hide in a dark cupboard where there’s no hope of them finding you,’ she added. 

New Orleans Pelicans 29 41 .414 18 1/2 4. San Antonio Spurs 27 44 .380 21 5. Houston Rockets 17 53 .243 30 1/2 Northwest Division W L PCT GB 1. Utah Jazz 44 26 .629 — 2. Denver Nuggets 42 29 .592 2 1/2 3. Minnesota Timberwolves 41 30 .577 3 1/2 4. Portland Trail Blazers 26 43 .377 17 1/2 5.
Oklahoma City Thunder 20 50 .286 24 Sunday, March 20 schedules (EST/GMT) Memphis Grizzlies at Houston Rockets (1530/1930) Portland Trail Blazers at Indiana Pacers (1530/1930) New Orleans Pelicans at Atlanta Hawks (1800/2200) Phoenix Suns at Sacramento Kings (1800/2200) Oklahoma City Thunder at Orlando Magic (1800/2200) Utah Jazz at New York Knicks (1930/2330) Boston Celtics at Denver Nuggets (2000/0000) San Antonio Spurs at Golden State Warriors (2030/0030) Toronto Raptors at Philadelphia 76ers (2030/0030) Monday, March 21 schedules (EST/GMT) New Orleans Pelicans at Charlotte Hornets (1900/2300) Los Angeles Lakers at Cleveland Cavaliers (1900/2300) Portland Trail Blazers at Detroit Pistons (1900/2300) Miami Heat at Philadelphia 76ers (1900/2300) Utah Jazz at Brooklyn Nets (1930/2330) Toronto Raptors at Chicago Bulls (2000/0000) Washington Wizards at Houston Rockets (2000/0000) Boston Celtics at Oklahoma City Thunder (2000/0000) Minnesota Timberwolves at Dallas Mavericks (2030/0030) Tuesday, March 22 schedules (EST/GMT) Golden State Warriors at Orlando Magic (1900/2300) Atlanta Hawks at New York Knicks (1930/2330) Chicago Bulls at Milwaukee Bucks (2000/0000) Los Angeles Clippers at Denver Nuggets (2200/0200) Wednesday, March 23 schedules (EST/GMT) New York Knicks at Charlotte Hornets (1900/2300) Atlanta Hawks at Detroit Pistons (1900/2300) Sacramento Kings at Indiana Pacers (1900/2300) Utah Jazz at Boston Celtics (1930/2330) Brooklyn Nets at Memphis Grizzlies (1930/2330) Golden State Warriors at Miami Heat (1930/2330) Phoenix Suns at Minnesota Timberwolves (2000/0000) Orlando Magic at Oklahoma City Thunder (2000/0000) Houston Rockets at Dallas Mavericks (2030/0030) Philadelphia 76ers at Los Angeles Lakers (2200/0200) San Antonio Spurs at Portland Trail Blazers (2200/0200) Thursday, March 24 schedules (EST/GMT) Cleveland Cavaliers at Toronto Raptors (1930/2330) Indiana Pacers at Memphis Grizzlies (2000/0000) Washington Wizards at Milwaukee Bucks (2000/0000) Chicago Bulls at New Orleans Pelicans (2000/0000) Phoenix Suns at Denver Nuggets (2100/0100)

Natalie, who is also mother to Bluebell, ten, Max, seven and Marigold, four, was on maternity leave during the first lockdown of 2020 and reveals the challenges she faced, homeschooling her children and navigating pandemic Britain – all while ‘leaking from every orifice.’ 

‘So I’m going to tell you all for the first time in a public setting, that not only am I a mom of four boys, but come April I will be a gigi to a brand new grandson. And Jason and I are so excited to welcome this new life into our family,’ she said. 

“I think the key for us is just attack,” said Houston coach Kelvin Sampson. “We just tried to get the first good shot and pulled the trigger and just tried to go get the ball at the offensive glass. Good that we get to stay together for another game and we’ll see how that goes.”

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