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Husband sparks fury by calling stay at home mums 'lazy gold diggers'

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‘It has been confirmed that they were en route to the Hot Springs Airport and their last location is being investigated by the FAA as well as the reason for the distress call,’ police said in a statement.

Nicknamed the ‘Mouth of the South’ for her outspokenness with the press, Martha was a controversial but generally well-liked figure until, in 1972, she suspected that Nixon and his re-election committee were responsible for the Watergate break-in.

16 seed when they made what is still their only NCAA appearance back in 2005. They were going against Duke in a first-round game hardly anyone remembers now. Nantz was certain he’d see those Duke players again.

Her outspokenness could, occasionally, cause headaches for the Nixon administration. Though Nixon sometimes approved of her — she generally supported him and was critical of Democrats — she didn’t always toe the party line.

‘Let’s talk about childcare, Jonathan. In my state, it is $600 per child. At least. I homeschool SEVEN children. I am saving us $4,200 a month by staying at home and freeloading off of my husband,’ one woman said.

‘I also clean the house, so… I’m saving us on maid costs of at least $300 per month if she only came once per week. So I can either make at least $6,100 per month or I can stay home and raise and teach our children as WE have chosen for me to do. Yes, it was a mutual decision. Fancy that,’ she scolded.

American expat reveals the VERY ‘confusing’ driving rule in… Krispy Kreme releases chocolate and caramel versions of its… A warning to everyone at home: Mum discovers what’s REALLY… Mum meal preps shelves of dinners for her 30-year-old son to…

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1 seed, was playing in its hometown in the final game of Nantz’s basketball journey. That didn’t happen, but Nantz believes there’s something fitting about a Final Four that came out of the blue like this, with three schools that had never been this far before, and no team seeded better than No.

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Martha quickly became a thanks to her willingness to talk and express frank opinions. She certainly had a lot to say and was politically-minded, first calling anti-Vietnam War protesters ‘liberal Communists,’ then later saying the Vietnam War ‘stinks.’ 

‘The point of the matter is that if John had been watching that store, Watergate would never have happened. Now, am I saying here at this late juncture, Watergate should be blamed on Martha Mitchell? Of course not. It might have happened anyway. Other things might have brought it on. Who knows?’

He has guided them through six Super Bowls on CBS and walked with them among the towering pines at the Masters since 1986, when Jack Nicklaus won his sixth green jacket. He’ll continue on those assignments for the foreseeable future, but this 37th run through March Madness will be his last.

And little did Nixon know in those early years just how much of a liability she could prove to be. According to her biography, Martha would eavesdropped on husband’s phone calls, listen in on his work meetings, and even read his papers to stay in the loop.

His call of Saturday’s buzzer-beating shot by SDSU’s Lamont Butler in the semifinals – Nantz estimates he’s had 20-something such last-second winners over his years in the tournament – plays back like a master class in what his job should be: simple, urgent, much more about the moment than the person talking about it.

But Martha suspected something was up, and two days after he left, she found a newspaper where she read about the Watergate break-in. In the coverage, she recognized one of the burglars, former CIA officer James W. McCord, and the homeschooling mom guessed that her husband and the president were somehow involved.

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