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NY Teacher who sucked a man's nipple during Zoom class has RETURNED

Fletcher, 37, (above) performed an ‘inappropriate sexual act’ in front of students at the Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, and Engineering during a Zoom class on September 30, 2020, state investigators said

“We are making the school environment as safe as possible in the context of COVID-19 and for the vast majority of students, sadly not for all students, but for the vast majority of students, COVID-19 is a very mild illness.”

The number of homeschooled students grew by almost 2300 at the end of 2021, with Paul Martin, Chief Executive Officer of the NSW Education Standards Authority saying the government regards homeschooling “very differently” to learn-from-home education used during the pandemic.

The harmful blue light exposure from those screens can be taxing on your eyes and even negatively impact your sleep. But with these handy spectacles, at least some of the potentially problematic blue rays coming from the artificial light from your digital screen are filtered through a special blue light blocking lens to better protect your peepers. 

I promise, getting the right pair of blue light protection glasses is much easier than getting prescription glasses or even reading glasses. There are a lot of options out there too — blue light blockers with a clear lens and plastic frame are plentiful, so you’ll look good while wearing your blue light protection.

David Fincher directs a stash of episodes in this psychological crime thriller’s two-season run (the third is on indefinite hold), so meticulous visuals and captivating storylines are a given. Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) is a special agent in the FBI, sent to interview serial killers in prison to build a profile of what makes them tick. Cameron Britton as real-life serial killer Ed Kemper is absolutely chilling. Mindhunter is smarter and richer than your average crime show, somehow growing with its complex characters. It would be a shame if the third season didn’t happen (although that seems to be the case).

Some people also find that blue light blocking glasses can help reduce eye strain, blurry vision and headaches that come from staring at screens while working. You can try both or either to see what works best for you.

So if you stare at a screen all day and want to block as much blue light as possible, we’re here to help you find the best blue light blocking glasses for your needs. As soon as you pop blue light blocking glasses on your face, you’ll hopefully start to minimize eye strain, take better care of your circadian rhythm and have that melatonin pumping come bedtime. 

Prive Revaux

“Prive Revaux” sounds like I’m about to convince you to buy $300 glasses, but in reality this swanky-named eyewear brand sells blue light blocking glasses for around $40. Its lenses have blue light filters along with an anti-glare coating to reduce eye strain.

Mike Flanagan’s The Haunting of Hill House, loosely based on Shirley Jackson’s novel of the same name, weaves its horror into a deeply affecting story about a broken family. Fractured after growing up in a haunted house, the Crains can’t ignore their past and must do what you never want to do: Go back down those dark corridors. The impressive set-pieces will please horror fans, but it’s the sad story of the Crains that will, yes, haunt you for k-12 homeschooling online free days. Good news: The second chapter of the anthology, The Haunting of Bly Manor, is out for Halloween.

Blue light generally energizes you, helps you concentrate, should i homeschool my autistic child boosts your mood — all good things during the day. But when you’re winding down from your day in the evening and want to relax, blue light can interfere. For most people, wearing blue light blocking glasses in the evening while watching TV or staring at any screen will be the most beneficial.

Parents and students at Manhattan’s Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science, and Engineering were in shock to see the return of a Spanish teacher who was resigned from the school for ‘sucking a man’s nipple’ during a Zoom lesson. 

This miniseries is from a couple of years ago, but in case you missed it, it’s definitely worth checking out. In the vein of The Sinner, Alias Grace steps back into its young female protagonist’s past to figure out why she commits murder, of which she has no memory. An adaptation of a Margaret Atwood novel, the show stars a hypnotic Sarah Gadon as Irish immigrant Grace, navigating a turbulent life as a servant for a family in colonial Toronto. Partly based on a true story, this isn’t a straightforward mystery with straightforward answers and that’s what makes it all the more captivating.

From the auteur who brought us The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor, comes another slow-burning horror series that’ll haunt you for days. Midnight Mass is Mike Flanagan’s latest creation, a meticulously crafted mystery spanning seven hourlong episodes. Riley Flynn, still paying the price for a drunk driving accident four years ago, returns home to Crockett Island, where the arrival of a charismatic new priest coincides with astonishing miracles around the town. Pregnant with a sense of foreboding and dread, Midnight Mass is an eloquent interrogation of faith, with horrifying supernatural monsters along for the ride.

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