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US states consider ban on cosmetics with 'forever chemicals'

Among the five dead in Indiana are Brett Kincaid, 53, and Wendy Kincaid, 47, from Rossville, Indiana, whose bodies were found at the McCormick’s Creek State Park campground, where they had been camping, according to the

S​evere thunderstorms are possible during the afternoon and evening from parts of Iowa, Illinois and Indiana southward to portions Missouri, Arkansas, eastern Oklahoma and northeast Texas, according to The Weather Channel.

The bill, which now must be considered by the Vermont House, would extend the ban to apparel, including outdoor apparel for severe wet conditions, athletic turf, clothing, ski wax and textiles, including upholstery, draperies, towels and bedding that intentionally contain PFAS.
The bill has been referred to a House committee and the chairwoman said Friday that she’s not sure if the panel will get to it this session. The legislation gives various timelines for the phaseouts.

Houston is looking for back-to-back trips to the Final Four since it went three consecutive seasons from 1982 to 1984. The teams had the most combined wins of any first-round matchup in this year’s tournament.

“I know they’ve got an outstanding coach in Brad Underwood, and I’ve known him for a long time,” Houston coach Kelvin Sampson said in a postgame TV interview when asked about the Cougars’ next opponent.

The Illini didn’t reach double figures until Omar Payne sank a layup at the 7:44 mark to make it 20-10. They found a little rhythm later in the half, drawing within 31-29 on a Cockburn dunk in the last minute before Smith canned a layup to put the Mocs ahead 33-29 at intermission.


This one’s a bit of a novelty inclusion. See what Robert Zemeckis (director of Back to the Future) and Anne Hathaway did with their retelling of the Roald Dahl classic. Jahzir Kadeem Bruno is Hero Boy, a young boy who is turned into a mouse by Hathaway’s occasionally CGI’d Grand High Witch. No one’s saying it comes close to the 1990 Anjelica Huston original, but it’s intriguing enough to take a little look at.

Searchlight Pictures

Jessica Chastain stars in this biopic of televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker, who, along with her husband, Jim, created and helmed the massively popular religious broadcasting network PTL in the ’70s and ’80s. Chastain’s committed performance brings Tammy Faye’s outsize and magnetic personality to life. You’ll find yourself drawn into her world, with all its ridiculous makeup choices, weirdly timed prayers and bubbling scandals. It’s unclear how long The Eyes of Tammy Faye will remain on the HBO streamer, so we recommend you reserve an evening with Bakker while you can.

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Meryl Streep playing an eccentric author in a Steven Soderbergh comedy. What more do you need to know? If you do want to know more: Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Alice Hughes (Streep) is struggling to finish her next book, chased by her literary agent (Gemma Chan). She boards a cruise ship with old friends, who inspired her best Shadow Teacher website in USA-known work. Tensions are strong. It looks great — Soderbergh uses crisp, natural light — and most of the dialogue is improvised. See how Dianne Wiest, Candice Bergen, Lucas Hedges and the rest of the impeccable cast have fun with that.

But Illinois simply couldn’t make shots — either from the field or the line. The Illini enjoyed a significant advantage in free-throw attempts but couldn’t make it matter, hitting only 9 of 17 before halftime.
Cockburn, who was fouled on a steady basis, converted just 5 of 10 free throws in the first half.

Alfonso Plummer sank two free throws with 12 seconds left Friday night as fourth-seeded Illinois escaped 13th-seeded Chattanooga’s upset bid 54-53 in a first-round NCAA Tournament South Region game in Pittsburgh.

T​he storm system could produce more severe weather as it pushes farther east on Wednesday, especially in parts of the eastern Great Lakes and Ohio Valley, including Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati and Buffalo.

‘That means that there is now assistance from the federal government to support the incredible efforts that are already underway from the state and the local communities,’ FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell said in Little Rock, Arkansas, after visiting some of the worst affected areas.

The Mocs’ second-leading scorer, David Jean-Baptiste, who hit a 30-footer at the final horn to win the Southern Conference title and send Chattanooga to the NCAA tourney, connected on just 2 of 11 shots and scored four points.

The Personal Care Products Council, which represents the cosmetics industry, says in 2020 it supported California legislation to phase out certain ingredients, including 13 PFAS in cosmetics, and identical legislative language in Maryland the following year.

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